IIPCIC Workshops

2023 IIPCIC Workshop on Exploring Immersive Technologies

The International IP Crime Investigators College is spearheading the development and delivery of INTERPOL's Immersive Learning Training Scenarios. During our 2023 Conference, participants could visit an Immersive Learning Experience and provide feedback on the scenarios presented. To kick of the event, our 2023 Workshop focused on opportunities and challenges posed by Virtual Reality technologies and the Metaverse. Participants gained insights into the structure, opportunities and challenges of the Metaverse and web3.

The workshop featured expert presenters from public and private sectors and provided an opportunity hear from a representative of the INTERPOL Global Academy Network (Spanish National Police).

As part of INTERPOL’s Digital Transformation Strategy, IIPCIC is investing in immersive learning to further strengthen the scalability, relevance and sustainability of our training actions. Please keep an eye on this website for further updates.

Pranab Das

It was a great event, and I'm overwhelmed with the positive interest in the technological developments within the field of Copyright. Especially the proactive approach displayed at the event to ensure we can leverage opportunities provided by digital technologies while simultaneously keeping an eye on keeping the platforms fair and secure for brand owners. Francisco de Asís Gutiérrez Flores
Inspector, Cybercrime Central Unit, Spanish National Police
Member of the INTERPOL Global Academy Network

Pranab Das

The collaboration between INTERPOL Global Academy and IIPCIC could not be more enriching. It is an honor to participate in an event of this magnitude that brings together so much innovation and international talent from the public and private sectors. No one should miss the opportunity to be part of this project as a speaker or as an attendee. Kristian Too Andreasen
CEO, Kanda

Pranab Das

It was a pleasure being a part of the 2023 IIPCIC Workshop, and the opportunity to present at this conference and experience the engaging and knowledgeable participation in the workshop. It has been a pleasure to explore the forefront of technological advancements with this remarkable group of attendees. Therkel Sand Therkelsen
CEO, Realitet