2023 International Law Enforcement Intellectual Property Crime Conference

Cohosted by INTERPOL and the Norwegian Police Service in partnership with UL Standards & Engagement

26 & 27 September - Oslo, Norway

25 September – Pre-Conference IIPCIC Workshop

The 16th International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference will take place Sept. 25-27 in Oslo, Norway, cohosted by INTERPOL and the Norwegian Police Service in partnership with UL Standards & Engagement. The theme for 2023 is "Pathways to Solutions," and while we honor the historic legacy of our past Conferences, delegates can expect something different this year.

Our annual Conference has an excellent reputation for delivering unsurpassed networking opportunities, offering capacity-building options, operational best practices, and an exceptional delegate experience. In collaboration with stakeholders and partners, the Organizing Committee is excited to launch a reimagined September event centered on staying relevant in an ever-changing world. Sessions will focus on keeping pace with current trends and ahead of emerging risks associated with transnational organized IP crime and illicit trade.

By strengthening the networking environment at and around the event, we intend to foster conversations within and among cross-sector stakeholders where attendees can collaboratively discuss investigations, enforcement activities, initiatives, and ideas to rethink international cooperation and related collaborative mechanisms.

This IP law enforcement event is like no other and traditionally attracts 500 delegates from 100 countries representing 200+ cross-sector organizations. The Conference will reposition itself as a law enforcement innovation catalyst to deliver something different that creates value for all stakeholders and participants. Planning activities and deliverables will focus on solving problems, overcoming challenges and capitalizing on opportunities leading to impactful, practical and cost-effective solutions designed to advance public safety and help address IP crime and illicit trade more intelligently.

We hope to see you in Norway in September.

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Ignite Café

New for 2023, we have created the Conference Ignite Café to encourage and facilitate speed networking with the Conference cohosts, participating agencies, speakers, sponsors, experts, and delegates. The Ignite Café will open via our Conference app on Sept. 1 for virtual networking and will offer an onsite networking location at the event.

The Ignite Café provides a relaxed networking environment to share best practices, insights, and ideas, make valuable connections and be part of a vibrant IP crime community of like-minded individuals. We hope to ignite conversations and spark new opportunities for collaboration and creating pathways to solutions.

2023 Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

Conference sponsorship opportunities are open for the 16th International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference, which will take place Sept. 25-27 in Oslo, Norway, cohosted by INTERPOL and the Norwegian Police Service in partnership with UL Standards & Engagement.

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Free Trade Zones workshop

2023 IIPCIC Workshop

Exploring Immersive Technologies and the Structure of the Metaverse - Examples of Future opportunities and Challenges.

The objective is to provide participants with insights into what the Metaverse is, its key components and its potential impact on law enforcement. Participants can put on headsets and try VR both during the workshop and the main IIPCIC Conference.

Discussions will center around the following questions:

  • Will the Metaverse be the next computing era where everything and everyone can communicate and interact?

  • What is the impact on Law Enforcement, for businesses, on human relations and structures?

  • What does industry and law enforcement need to think about in relation to the development of the metaverse space and its users?

  • How can it be used to help understand crime (in particular IP crime)?

  • Which threats and challenges for law enforcement are implied?

  • Which new opportunities for criminals should we envision?

  • What new skills and tools are required for future officers?

  • How do we onboard IP?

  • How should we regulate and invest?

Previous IIPCIC Workshops

2023 IIPCIC Awards

Learn about our 2023 International IP Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC) Awards.

These prestigious awards recognize the outstanding achievement of law enforcement personnel and governmental agencies who work tirelessly to combat counterfeiting and IP theft.

The award winners will be announced as part of the 2023 International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference.

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