UL Standards & Engagement

Safety Science in Action

To create a safer, more sustainable world, data and scientific discoveries must be amplified and translated into action.

That's what we do at UL Standards & Engagement. Through data analysis, expert testimony, and deliberation, we work to bring members of standards technical panels into alignment on a common set of safety requirements.

Distinguished by our independent research and scientific acumen, we’ve been driving cutting-edge science into practical safety guidance since we developed our first standard for tin-clad fire doors in 1903.

We partner with leading minds and standards organizations from around the world to draw upon an ever-growing body of scientific knowledge. Informed by the findings of UL Research Institutes and other global experts, we develop unbiased consensus-based standards that help create a dynamic road map to a safer future. But we don’t stop there. We also build policy partnerships to help ensure that our knowledge reaches the safety professionals, policymakers, scientists, and industry leaders who use safety science to protect and educate our communities.

These standards and policy initiatives promote awareness and adoption of safer products, services, systems, and behaviors, including the safe commercialization of evolving technologies.

As a science-backed safety advocate with global reach, we engage key stakeholders to advance our mission worldwide. UL Standards & Engagement is a trusted and objective resource for an international array of public and private partners. Our public outreach initiatives, safety advocacy, and related coalition-building activities leverage standards that measurably impact public safety in nations throughout the world.

We advocate for scientifically tested measures and policy changes that have the power to make emerging technologies, products, and systems safer. Together with the leaders and communities that join us, we are moving the world toward a safer, more secure, and more sustainable tomorrow.

UL Standards & Engagement has supported law enforcement efforts to combat intellectual property (IP) crime and has cooperated with INTERPOL on a large number of initiatives for over a decade. These include the International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conferences and various international IP crime workshops. UL Standards & Engagement is committed to working with stakeholders and dedicates significant resources to help combat intellectual property crime on a global basis.

For more information, please visit https://ulse.org/.