Cryptocurrency Webinar 1

An Introduction to the Future of the Criminal Mind.

Target Group

Law Enforcement officials and IP Crime stakeholders with a need to gain a better understanding of cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency Webinar 2

This webinar is a continuation of Webinar 1 with a discussion on Cryptocurrency Regulation.

Target Group

Law Enforcement officials and IP Crime stakeholders with a need to gain a better understanding of cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency Webinar 3

Introduction to Cryptocurrency and the Dark Web and links to Intellectual Property Crime.

Our third and last cryptocurrency webinar will include discussion on law enforcement training, critical junctures and coordinated approaches.

Target Group

Law Enforcement officials and IP Crime stakeholders with a need to gain a better understanding of cryptocurrencies.

Recognizing Our Trainees

We are proud to work with police academies around the world and to recognize the achievement of all trainees.

Middle East & North Africa

As part of a second joint training programme led by IIPCIC and the Universal Postal Union (UPU), 45 postal security focal points from 8 countries across the Middle East and North Africa region successfully completed specialized training on intellectual property crime and supply chain security.

Ahmed Moussa Aden, Project Manager at the Postal Service of Djibouti, and one of the successful graduates of the programme said, "I have just completed the Specialized Curriculum for Customs on Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement (IPR), developed by the International IP Crime Investigators College. This programme comprised 8 modules, which allowed me to gain vital knowledge about intellectual property. I really liked how the various modules of the curriculum complemented each other. The training was very relevant to my work and to my personal experience implementing postal security standards S58 and S59. The training will also have a real impact on my work securing the postal supply chain."

Costa Rica

Officials from the Judicial Investigation Department and other agencies increase their knowledge on IP with IIPCIC.

The late Walter Espinoza Espinoza, Director General of the Judicial Investigation Department, Costa Rica, said: "We are very grateful to INTERPOL for granting our investigative personnel access to the IIPCIC tool, which contains courses that are up-to-date and of great value in the fight against intellectual property crime. We continually encourage our personnel to make the most of this valuable resource, and urge all personnel from the different institutions responsible for fighting this type of criminality to use this tool."

Asia Pacific Post Cooperative

Some 41 postal security focal points from 28 member Postal Operators of the Asia Pacific Post Cooperative (APP) have completed the IIPCIC "Specialized Curriculum for Customs Officers on IPR Enforcement" and graduated between June and July 2021.

Dawn Wilkes of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) said "The UPU and INTERPOL have been collaborating since 1996, however this is the first time the IIPCIC has been engaged to expand the learning capabilities of postal security focal points. This engagement has allowed a deeper connection and understanding to secure the supply chain from IP related crime"

Norika Warnasuriya of APP said "The IIPCIC College Customs Curriculum and the collaboration between the UPU and INTERPOL to participate in this course has allowed our security focal points to expand their knowledge and skill set, specifically soft skills to work towards mitigating IP crime in the supply chain."

South African Police Service

153 officers from the South African Police Service completed 510 courses on the IIPCIC platform between March and December 2020.

Brigadier Chuene Sydney Moshabi, Training Director at the South African Police Service said "In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, our officers complied with all the protocols, including social distancing. But they could not afford to distance themselves from gaining new knowledge and skills. Their continued learning via the IIPCIC platform will contribute to better service delivery."

Zhejiang Police College

In China, 119 students graduated from IIPCIC at Zhejiang Police College between April and July 2020.

Lin Chao, Assistant Professor at Zhejiang Police College said "The IIPCIC College is a platform to broaden our horizon and we are committed to expanding our students' knowledge and skills regarding how to protect IP."

Tanzania Police Staff College Kidatu

In Tanzania, 55 students from Police Staff College Kidatu received their certificates in July 2020.

Inspector Jacob Muwaja from the Tanzania Police Force said "We have built the IIPCIC training into our college curriculum to ensure our officers are equipped with the relevant skills to investigate this type of crime and to keep our citizens safe."