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2022 IIPCIC Workshop on Online Piracy: A Dynamic, Diverse and Complex Crime

Combating piracy has become increasingly challenging for law enforcement, and so gaining insights into the complexity of online piracy is critical. This IIPCIC Workshop on "Online Piracy: a Dynamic, Diverse and Complex crime", held on the side-lines of the 15th International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference in Seoul, Republic of Korea, brought together more than 80 key stakeholders from law enforcement, and the public and private sectors.

Participants left the workshop with a deeper understanding of the complexity of online piracy, the emerging Apps market, and how malicious websites, ads and popups are used by criminals to infect consumer and business devices with malware. In addition, a panel of academic experts shared their views and perspectives on emerging threats related to online piracy and drew up recommendations for further training on the topic.

INTERPOL - Seoul Online Piracy Workshop
Seoul - Jorge Fainstein
Seoul Online Piracy Workshop - Kirstine Pedersen
Seoul Online Piracy Workshop