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The IIPCIC programme of study for law enforcement consists of 5 online curriculums, industry-specific courses, and pre-recorded webinars. An IIPCIC certificate endorsed by INTERPOL is available to download after successful completion of each curriculum and industry-specific course. All police officers, customs officers, prosecutors, and regulatory body representatives can take the IIPCIC training without charge.

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IIPCIC Pre-Recorded Webinars

IIPCIC is proud to offer webinars as part of our training materials to assist in strengthening capabilities of law enforcement to combat IP crime.

I-SOP Project Webinars

These webinars are delivered within the framework of the INTERPOL Stop Online Piracy (I-SOP) Project.

Webinar 1: Digital Piracy and Cryptocurrency

This webinar aims to provide investigators worldwide with the latest criminal trends in the digital piracy landscape, and to share best practices for tackling digital piracy through investigation, prevention, and disruption.

Webinar 2: Follow the Money and Online Seizure

This webinar provides frontline investigators and daily practitioners with the essential knowledge and best practices for responding to digital piracy, and sheds light on financial tracking and online asset seizure.

Webinar 3: Technical Approach to Digital Piracy Investigation

This webinar provides practical insights into the technical aspects of digital piracy investigations, with experts from academia, the public and private sectors, covering topics on IPFS, investigative support, technical analysis, and public alert systems.

IP Crime Conference Webinar Series

These webinars are a great way to learn more about the possible " pathways to solutions" that are key to fighting IP crime today.

Webinar 1: Professional Development for IP Investigators

This webinar provides insights into initiatives being undertaken around the world that are designed to upskill law enforcement officers responsible for investigating IP crime.

Webinar 2: Leadership & Diversity: Women in IP

In celebration of World IP Day, this webinar discusses how diversity is a strength when leading initiatives to combat IP crime.

Webinar 3: Digital Safety & Online Policing

This webinar demonstrates how patrolling the internet and conducting innovative awareness-raising campaigns can help prevent crime and build bonds between law enforcement and the public.