Oslo Armchair Innovation Sessions

During the 2023 International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference, the Organizers piloted the Oslo Armchair Innovation Sessions that featured interviews with subject matter experts.

With so much expertise accessible in one place and at one time, these recorded interviews provide expanded insights, best practices and additional value to delegates and other cross-sector stakeholders who could not attend the event. The sessions enabled a more in-depth study of the subject matter areas highlighted in the conference agenda, leveraging the knowledge and experience of the experts.

The Oslo Conference Organizers thank the interviewers and subject matter experts for their time creating these sessions and believe they will be well received.

We hope you will enjoy the interviews.

Mr. Mike Ellis, Mr. Glenn Martindale and Mr. Terry Brady
Insights into Public-Private Sector Partnerships for Capacity Building, Training and Public Safety

Dr. Jeremy Wilson, Dr. Maureen McGough and Ms. Ivonne Roman
Identifying and Addressing Barriers to Women's Inclusion in Policing

Mr. John H. Zacharia and Mr. Jorge Fainstein Day Gestrell
Applications for Emerging Technologies and Learning Methodologies

Dr. Maureen McGough and Mrs. Kristin Kvigne
Improving the Experiences of Women in Law Enforcement

Dr. Jeremy Wilson and Mr. John H. Zacharia
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Enforcement Activities

Mr. Mike Ellis and Mr. Neil Blackwood
Best Practices for Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement - Operation Vulcan