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Are you a rights holder? Create your own custom eLearning for law enforcement!

The Industry Courses for Law Enforcement afford rights holders the ability to provide specialized education to law enforcement officials on a global basis.

All rights holders and private sector organizations are welcome to work in partnership with IIPCIC to develop specialized anti-counterfeiting training materials and have them freely accessible to law enforcement via our e-Learning portal. If you would like more information on these opportunities please contact us!

These IP crimes impact upon virtually every product category. Today, counterfeiters are producing fake foods and beverages, agrochemicals, electronics and electrical supplies, auto parts, construction material and everyday household products along with luxury goods, unauthorized music and DVDs, and even falsified medical products. These products are shipped around the world to developing and developed markets in ever increasing quantities. And, copyright pirates have created multi-million dollar networks to produce, transport and sell their unauthorized copies of books, music, video, games and software.

Communication between a brand and law enforcement is critical. IIPCIC provides an excellent platform for this exchange. Senior Brand Protection Manager,

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 Course Samples

Bordeaux Wine

This module, built in co-operation with the International IP Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC) and the Bordeaux Wine Council, provides and overview of Bordeaux Wine counterfeiting for customs officers and other law enforcement personnel.

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Audio Visual Internet Piracy

This 2 module course is designed to help law enforcement investigators define the characteristics of audiovisual internet piracy (AVIP), learn some important best practices associated with investigating AV internet piracy, recognise the different types of evidence that can be gathered, and know how to reach out for assistance from the AV industry to support ongoing investigations and potential prosecutions.

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Understanding and Addressing the Illicit Trade of Medical Products

This course was sponsored by the International Institute of Research Against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM) to help law enforcement investigators define substandard and falsified medical products, discuss the scope and scale of this illicit trade, and gain an insight into the tragic impact on individuals and society.

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Identifying Schneider Electric APC Counterfeit Products

This training module was designed to help customs officers and other law enforcement personnel recognize Schneider Electric APC-branded products, identify counterfeit products from this brand holder, and contact Schneider Electric for assistance when inspecting a product that may be counterfeit.

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Understanding and Addressing the Illicit Tobacco Trade

This training module was designed to help law enforcement investigators gain a greater understanding of illicit trade in tobacco products, some specific vocabulary to better understand this type of crime, and the international implications and consequences of this global phenomenon.

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I would like to thank IIPCIC for offering the courses free of charge to law enforcement agents around the world. I am extremely impressed with IIPCIC for having given access to more than 15 of my colleagues for whom I recommended the courses. Well-structured courses and highly informative. Thanks so much. Officer,
Nigeria Police Force