Private Sector Training Curriculum

The IIPCIC programme of study for private sector industry/business professionals and students consists of 2 online curriculums plus an Industry-Specific Course for the Private Sector. An IIPCIC certificate endorsed by INTERPOL is available to download after successful completion of each curriculum and private sector course.

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IIPCIC Intermediate Curriculum

The Investigation of Transnational and Organized Intellectual Property (IP) Crime.

The IIPCIC Intermediate Curriculum topics were identified and developed by a transnational committee of renowned subject matter experts (SMEs). The topics were recognized as the key building blocks necessary to form a sound basis of knowledge that will prepare law enforcement and other partners to effectively fight IP crime on an international level.

The Intermediate Curriculum training modules have been developed for investigators who want to consolidate their knowledge of IP crime and actively pursue counterfeiting and piracy cases. Those who successfully complete this level will be able to investigate transnational organized IP crime cases and provide specialist advice to colleagues.

Module Descriptions

This curriculum is currently available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Mandarin. Students must complete each module and pass the accompanying quiz with a score of 80% or better to complete the training and receive their downloadable certificate.


On successful completion of the IIPCIC Intermediate Level Curriculum, students will be eligible to download and print an IIPCIC Certificate endorsed by INTERPOL certifying they have “successfully completed an intermediate course of professional studies on the investigation of transnational and organized intellectual property (IP) crime”. The certificate course, recognized by INTERPOL, provides IP crime professionals with evidence of specialist awareness and learning on the subject of transnational organized IP crime.

Course outline was well presented. The use of live examples on scenarios encountered during IP investigations made topics easy to comprehend.IIPCIC Student

 Private Sector Training Costs

Private sector industry/business professionals and students may take the IIPCIC Intermediate Curriculum for a fee.

IIPCIC Core Curriculum Cost for Private Sector Training
Per module $150.00 USD
Bundle: Introductory Level (modules 1-7) $850.00 USD
Bundle: Intermediate Level (modules 8-14) $850.00 USD
Full Bundle: IIPCIC Core Curriculum (modules 1-14) $1600.00 USD
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