Keith Williams

CEO and President
Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

Deliver Leading Edge Training

IIPCIC is a fully interactive on-line IP crime training facility providing intellectual property (IP) crime courses and is operated between INTERPOL and Underwriters Laboratories.

The mission of IIPCIC is to deliver leading edge training to enable investigators around the world to effectively combat current and emerging threats from transnational organized IP Crime.

The college is delivered on a multilingual platform that supports over 20 languages.  The intellectual property (IP) crime courses are offered in the six INTERPOL official languages of English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Mandarin and Portuguese.

Over 150 countries have visited the IIPCIC site since its launch and over to 600 law enforcement agencies have enrolled in the training. IIPCIC is mandated to develop, coordinate and administer training programs to support international efforts to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute transnational organized IP crime. The College will serve the needs of INTERPOL’s partner organizations and other key international stakeholders.

Intellectual Property Crime Courses