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The IIPCIC Curriculum consists of 2 curriculums, the 14 course Core Curriculum and the Industry Modules for Law Enforcement. The 14 course Core Curriculum includes topics such as establishing a dedicated IP Crime law Enforcement capability, how to combat internet piracy and how to disrupt street level organized IP crime.

The Industry Modules for Law Enforcement curriculum is made up of private sector partner courses designed for law enforcement investigators and is included in course access granted to Law Enforcement. Two examples from Schneider Electric and the Audio Visual Anti-Piracy Alliance are shown below.


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The 14 Core topics were identified and developed by a transnational committee of renowned subject matter experts on the topic of IP crime. The topics were recognized as the key building blocks necessary to form a sound basis of knowledge that will prepare law enforcement and other partners to effectively fight IP crime on an international level.

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The Introductory Level Training Modules have been developed for investigators who want to learn more about IP crime and who would like to undertake these types of cases. Those who successfully complete this level will have a greater understanding of IP crime and will be able to identify typical IP crime cases and initiate actions to undertake counterfeiting and piracy investigations.

Module 1:  Introduction to Intellectual Property Crime

This module is designed to assist new IP crime law enforcement officers to develop their understanding of the concepts of IP crime and what constitutes Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Crime, as well as learn the key terms used.

Module 2:  Introduction to Intellectual Property Crime Investigations

This module discusses the investigation of IP Crime, including: elements of the offence, investigation techniques and elements included in the report for prosecution of an IP Crime. It builds upon the topics presented in module one.

Module 3:  Introduction to Intellectual Property Crime Economic Consequences

This module provides information on the damages caused by IP Crime, its economic impact and how employment is impacted by its effects on the market economy. It builds upon previous modules and deals with the economic consequences of IP Crime.

Module 4:  Introduction to Effective Partnership in Combating IP Crime

The investigation of IP Crime relies upon many techniques and this course outlines the benefits of working in partnership to secure the best possible outcome. It builds upon previous modules and explains how effective partnerships can enhance IP Crime investigations.

Module 5:  Introduction to Organized Crime Funding & IP Crime

This module concentrates on the types of organized crime that exists, as well as the wide spread effects of IP Crime activity. It builds upon previous modules and explains how organized crime dominates IP Crime.

Module 6:  Introduction to INTERPOL & the INTERPOL Intellectual Property Crime Programme

This module provides an overview of INTERPOL and describes how the INTERPOL Trafficking in Illicit Goods and Counterfeiting Programme delivers its IP Crime services.

Module 7:  Introduction to the Health & Safety Consequences of Intellectual Property Crimes

This module concentrates on the health and safety consequences of IP Crime on consumers, organizations, and countries. It illustrates these negative effects with real-world examples of IP crimes cases and raids.

The Intermediate Level Training Modules have been developed for investigators who want to consolidate their knowledge of IP Crime and actively pursue counterfeiting and piracy cases. Those who successfully complete this level will be able to investigate transnational organized IP crime cases and provide specialist advice to colleagues.

Module 8: Internet Piracy and combating Online Criminals in the 21st Century

This 60 minute course looks at various aspects of the Internet, examining how it operates, what types offences are prevalent online and suggests how these can be investigated.

Module 9: Integrated IP Crime Law Enforcement Strategies

This module is designed to help law enforcement officers expand their skills in IP investigation by adopting a coherent approach to Intellectual Property Crime. This is illustrated by examining the skills required within an integrated strategy and how to evaluate the benefits derived from different levels of integration.

Module 10: Working with the Private Sector

This module is designed to help law enforcement officers working in IP crime investigation identify the benefits of working with the private sector; recognize how an appropriate relationship can deliver mutual benefits and to effectively manage public and private sector expectations.

Module 11: How to Disrupt, Dismantle, & Deter Street Level Organized IP Crime

This module examines Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) crime at the street level, illustrating how, in the majority of cases, it is controlled by organized crime. It also suggests ways in which such crime should be tackled.

Module 12: Protecting Trade Secrets

This 60 minute course examines commercial Trade Secrets, how they sit within the topic of intellectual property, and how they should be protected. Case studies are also provided.

Module 13: Establishing a Dedicated IP Crime Law Enforcement Capability

This module assesses why a dedicated investigation unit is the most practical option to tackle IP crime by looking at the structural framework and core responsibilities of such operational units. It provides several examples of dedicated investigation units and compares working practices.

Module 14: Investigation & Evidence Gathering

This module builds on Introductory Level Module 2 and is designed to assist law enforcement officers to successfully prepare and plan enforcement action against international counterfeiters


On successful completion of the 14 core introductory and intermediate level modules, students can download an IIPCIC Certificate endorsed by INTERPOL certifying they have successfully completed a course of professional studies on the investigation of transnational and organized intellectual property (IP) crime. The certificated course, recognized by INTERPOL, sets international standards and provides IP crime professionals with evidence of specialist awareness and learning on the subject of transnational organized IP crime.

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Law Enforcement Training Costs

All law enforcement IP crime investigators including police officers, customs or appropriate regulatory body representatives will be able to take the training without charge. If you are interested in enrollment and you have a pre-approved professional email address you may self-enroll at https://college.iipcic.org/#/login.

Alternatively you may fill out the form on our Course Enrollment Request page. Please enter as much information as possible to assist in the verification process and we will verify your registration as an IP crime investigator in your capacity as a police officer, customs or appropriate regulatory body representative. On verification you will receive an email with instructions for completing your registration.

Private Sector Law Enforcement Training

In addition to the IIPCIC curriculum, law enforcement authorities are also granted access to our private sector partner courses designed for law enforcement investigators. The following is a short list of the courses included in law enforcement account access:

Audio Visual Internet Piracy

This 2 module course is part of our Industry Modules for Law Enforcement curriculum and is designed to help law enforcement investigators identify and address audiovisual piracy in all its forms. A certificate of completion is available for you to download and print after successfully completing the course.

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Schneider Electric APC Counterfeit Training

This training module was designed to help customs officers and other law enforcement personnel recognize Schneider Electric APC-branded products, identify counterfeit products from this brand holder, and contact Schneider Electric for assistance when inspecting a product that may be counterfeit.

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Customs Training

The INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT FOR CUSTOMS OFFICERS online training series is developed and maintained by the International Intellectual Property Crime Investigator’s College (IIPCIC) with the assistance of the World Customs Organization (WCO). Developed by a team of transnational subject matter experts with deep experience in Customs enforcement of IP crimes, this eight-module series provides Customs officers from around the world with the knowledge they need to confidently approach the detection and interdiction of illicit good crossing international borders.

This series covers important and timely topics like the sharing of Customs best practices, international supply chain management, government agency cooperation, private sector partnerships, risk management, and legal proceedings in IPR cases. These topics and others serve to inform Customs officers and promote proven strategies for interdicting IP crime on an international stage. A certificate of completion is available for you to download and print after successfully completing the 8 modules.

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Non-Law Enforcement Training Costs

All students other than those mentioned above are required to pay a fee to take the training. The following are the costs associated with the Introductory and Intermediate Level Modules:

  • Introductory Level Modules - $150.00 USD per module
  • Introductory Level Modules (Bundled Package) - $850.00 USD (Includes Modules 1-7)
  • Intermediate Level Modules - $150.00 USD per module
  • Intermediate Level Modules (Bundled Package) - $850.00 USD (includes Modules 8-14)
  • Introductory & Intermediate Level Modules (Bundled Package) - $1600.00 USD (includes modules 1-14)


If you have any questions on individual pricing or would like information on group pricing to train a number of people within your organization please contact us.

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